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Marketing is the process of attracting people's interest in a product or service. This is done through market research, analysis and understanding of the interests of the ideal customer.
Digital Marketing is the discipline of marketing products and services that takes place mainly online through websites, web and social channels and e-commerce platforms.

Grants, funding, incentives. The subsidized finance includes all the financial instruments used by the legislator to promote competition and competitiveness among companies already in business, but also to support the birth of new entrepreneurial realities. These measures can be undertaken at a Community, national, regional or even local level, effectively helping businesses find the financial resources they need but at more advantageous conditions, so as to support their economic development.

Business consulting is the practice of providing consulting services to organizations to improve their performance or in any way to help achieve any type of organizational goal. Organizations may engage the services of management consultants for a variety of reasons, including obtaining outside advice and/or accessing the specialist expertise of consultants experienced in specific business issues.

IT consultancy is a form, branch or sector of consultancy which consists of the professional performance of one or more people who are experts in the business IT sector, who provide advice to a company on how to make the best use of information technologies (ICT ) in order to achieve certain business goals or objectives. In addition to mere consultancy, the professional, more often than not, designs, develops and implements the information system of companies.

Internationalization is the process through which companies open up to new foreign markets, establishing relationships with other companies, consumers and institutions operating in those territories in order to sell, produce and purchase raw materials or find new sources of financing.
Thanks to our team of interpreters and export managers, we are able to help companies interface easily with foreign markets.

We offer SMEs a legal consultancy service aimed at business growth and improvement: our lawyers are able to guarantee customers full support and support, dealing with all the legal aspects that may be of interest to a company. Commercial and corporate law, labor law, contracts and debt collection, but also banking law and any appeals against tax bills. Any legal problem a company may have, TornatoraConsulting is able to deal with it competently and successfully.


In a complex and unique context like the one we are experiencing, we are at your side with new ways of digital consulting e telephonic to manage your needs from home.
Our consultants are at your disposal in virtual mode to verify your business and share the strategies  most suited to your needs.

To connect with ” Tornatora Consulting ” you need a PC connected to the internet or alternatively a latest generation mobile phone

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